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Special Offer

Apart from our extensive ‘a la carte’ menu we also offer diners a sumptuous buffet at two of our outlets, on select days of the week. The lavish buffet offers a vast choice of 45 main courses, salads and accompaniments. The variety of items on the buffet table changes every week, so each visit will be a unique dining experience.

special offer
Special Offer

Food of the Month

Your order for food made through a telephone call, is attended to with the same meticulous care that you have come to expect from our experienced service staff. From the moment you place your order to the time it is delivered to your door, every aspect of your meal is minutely checked and verified to ensure it retains the same high quality you expect from us and that you get exactly the food you ordered delivered to your door, in the shortest possible time.

Everyone's First Choice
Since 1985

Our vision is to be among the leading restaurants in the country through consistently meeting the needs of guests and exceeding their expectations.

Our mission is to create restaurants with an exciting ambiance, great food, and impeccable service and, in the process, turn a profit.

Our purpose is to create a quality place where people truly enjoy coming to eat, while providing a safe, stimulating and rewarding workplace for our employees.

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Our catering service that transfers our kitchens and specialist staff to your homes preparing your favorite dishes in front of your eyes. Therefore, these dishes can be served fresh while retaining our special and unique taste. By preparing luxurious buffets for all events and for any number of guests at any place in accordance with Mughal Mahal’s distinctive methods, we make your event an unforgettable experience and an evening about which you can be proud of in front of your guests.

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Jaber Al-Mubarak Street (Near Al-Hamra Tower).
P.O.Box: 2386, Safat 13024, Kuwait

Tel : +965 22425131 / 2

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